Bassett Hounds Depend On Dog Catchers
Welcome Captivity is only the Beginning

There is a group of people that work hard to catch Bassett Hounds… This kind of “dog catcher” for Bassett Hounds is well organized and spread all over the United States and in some other countries too. The target group of dogs they are after are the ones that fall through the cracks of life and have no home or are going to be euthanized at “kill pounds”. These same people make up The Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization.

When it comes to the safety and survival of this breed this organization does it all. If for whatever reason you need to give up your Bassett Hounds or if you want a wonderful family pet you should consider contacting this group of dedicated people. They can help.  (contact details below) They are the premier group that specializes in saving and adopting out Bassett Hounds in the United States and in a few other counties of the world.

This whole document is dedicated to teaching you about them and what they can do for you. If you are interested to know more about what kind of pet the Bassett Hound would be, then go here and learn more about them first.

The Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization is made up of people and independent groups that give of their time and often their resources, to make sure that Bassett Hounds are not left out in the cold, literally. They have been founded to rescue, rehabilitate and place (adopt out) Bassett Hounds that have been given up, abandoned or not adopted soon enough from a pound.

The organization is not setup to judge why the dogs are in this situation but to help the Bassett Hounds recover from it. They work so that Bassett Hounds don’t end up in “kill pounds” and ultimately find good homes. Each member organization of the group is somewhat unique in approach but tries to meet the needs of their area based on what funds and volunteers are available.

Their aim is to expedite the rescue of Bassett Hounds by assessing an incoming dog,  providing interim foster care when needed and then re-homing the dog with a new individual or family that matches the dog’s needs.

They want these adoptions to be life long, and take it very seriously! To accomplish this goal they rely heavily on qualified foster homes and are often on the look out for additional homes where the parties would be willing to take care of a rescue dog on a temporary basis. 

The dog may need transportation to a vet during the foster stay plus grooming as is required.  Most importantly, the dog will need human attention to minimize the stress of the adjustment to this new environment and during this time of transition. Highly important from the foster home and to the goal of permanent adoption, is feedback to the rescue group on the dog’s temperament and personality.

Some rescue groups will have experienced volunteers to treat the dogs brought in and others will have a vet they work with to examine dogs entrusted to their care.  After the health of the dog is established and their needs are assessed, he or she is matched with an available foster home. The logistics of handling this aspect of the process alone is sometimes cumbersome unless the local Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization has adequate foster support.

After the Bassett Hounds are placed in the foster home, every attempt is made to make the Bassett Hounds feel comfortable and secure until a new home can be found. An adoption profile is often used to match the needs and requirements of the dog with those of the potential adopting family.  The Bassett Hounds needs are a priority in this whole process, as the goal is to bring stability, safety and affection to a animal who may have had a rough start.

Separation anxiety can be the most sever problem encountered with the adopted dogs as they have been shuffled from one place to the next. New owners are often instructed in how to deal with this as The Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization tries to minimize the hurdles of the adoption. Counseling is often provided, both formal and informal as needed.

Fees for a Bassett Hounds adoption are set to offset the overhead of the Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization but sometimes it is not enough and other things have to be done to raise money. They do not receive government funding and operate solely on donations, adoption fees and sometimes the sale of pet related products.

Each Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization has it’s own set of rules for adoption and are usually based on what is spelled out by the National Bassett Hounds Rescue Organization. Each group may alter the guidelines but they usually include at least the following:

    1.)  Bassett Hounds get cold too so the dog must be housed inside at night or acceptable shelter outside.
    2.)  There usually is some sort of contract that formalizes the agreement
    3.)  It is strongly suggested that the Bassett Hounds have a fenced yard for their enjoyment and their safety.
    4.)  If there is a swimming pool it must be fence. Bassett Hounds don't swim very well.
    5.)  If the dog ever has to be given up again, he will be returned to the rescue for placement

Every potential adopting family is encouraged to make sure this breed of dog is right for their lifestyle. Likewise, if you are thinking about adopting please find out what kind of dog Bassett Hounds really are before you make your decision. They are not disposable objects. They are living, breathing animals that get closely attached to their human companions. If you have ever have had one, you will surely understand that the relationship goes beyond the bond between a human and a dog. This animal relies on you for their total existence and it is important that that trust be fulfilled.

As a final note, I have made it my personal mission to try to educate dog owners everywhere about the importance of proper nutrition for their pet and in that effort there is a video that would be beneficial for all to see. It addresses important facts in the pet food industry and what your options are for properly feeding your dog. Please watch it carefully.

If you want to know more about this video you can Click Here

If you have made it this far in this document you must surely have some interest in these beautiful dogs. If and when you ever consider Bassett Hounds as pets think of adopting if it is right for you. If you want to know more about the breed then check out a blog named A Bassett Hounds Life.

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Carolinas - North & South
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Idaho (Northern)
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Idaho (Southern)
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Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
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For The Hounds Rescue Here

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Maryland, PA, VA
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Brood Here

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Missouri (Eastern)
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New Hampshire
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New Mexico
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New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
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New York State
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