Bassett Hounds Rescue and 22 Legs

I read a heart wrenching story and watched this heart warming video about 24 Bassett Hounds and a puppy mill in Oklahoma. The story is about five of those dogs that ultimately had to be moved on a 22 leg trip over a weekend in August of 07 to two other Basset Hound Rescue Organizations.

The volunteers relayed the dogs from Ozark Mountain Basset Hound Rescue to the Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue and the New England Basset Hound Rescue. Unfortunately the video does not include the 19th leg of the trip. According to the rescuers the conditions at the puppy mill were "the worst I've seen in my rescue career" Quote from here

There was no doubt that these dogs were neglected and in many cases malnourished. Being feed anything as long as it is cheap. What many of us feed our dogs is a tragedy and we don’t even know it but that is another story all together. If you are interested it’s spelled out in this great little video.

The video below is beautiful. Have a look at what people can do that truly care. If you need more information about Bassett Hounds Rescue anywhere in the United States visit this site that has a complete list of organizations.

Author Kirk Hanna  The Bassett Hounds Rescue Friend